SFE Energy California, Inc. Product Knowledge Test

1. What was the intention of deregulation?

2. Which of the following statements are TRUE in describing SFE?

3. Natural gas are measured in units called?

5. How many days does the customer have to cancel their application before cancellation fees apply?

6. What do you need to do in order to enroll a customer with SFE?

4. When on SFE Energy’s program, the utility company will continue to be responsible for which of the following:

8. SFE Energy price or rate will change for a customer who signs up on a program:

7. You should provide the customer with a SFE business card before you start your sales presentation:

10. Which portion of the bill reflects SFE’s program?

9. Which of the following people should we exercise due diligence with or not sign up for a SFE Energy Contract?

12. If a customer signs a contract with SFE, how many bills will they receive at the end of the month?

11. An agent who engages in deceptive selling tactics to induce a prospective or actual SFE customer to act unwillingly or unknowingly is committing fraud.

13. Why could a contract get rejected by SFE:

14. Who regulates SFE’s practices?

15. Who is NOT authorized to enter into a contract with SFE?

16. Slamming is where a customer is entered into a contract without their consent.

17. SFE provides a flat price program, offering price protection to potential customers?

18. Every customer must receive a copy of the Customer’s Agreement.

19. The Third Party Verification (TPV) call must be conducted using the customer’s telephone number?

20. You are required to leave the customers property, once you complete the contract and call the TPV hotline, at the customer’s request.

21. When are you required to display your SFE ID badge the customer?

22. You are required to wear 2 pieces of SFE branded clothing at all times?

23. You are required to have a valid permit in municipalities that require such permits?

24. SFE Policy regarding unauthorized transfers of customer’s accounts is called:

25. True or False: According to privacy requirements, when you collect personal information on a contract that was not completed by the customer, you MUST properly dispose of that information.