Since late last year, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been making headlines for incredible reasons, including Grimes selling digital art pieces for up to $6 million, Jack the man selling his first-ever tweet “6 million is crazy in its self, and the Beeple NFT, which sold for approximately $6.6 million is even crazier the ceiling is capped by the people.

So according to the people there is no cap at all on what someone will pay, the market has raged on, with a total market cap increase of over 1198 percent over last year and  Top celebrities selling off their flagship NFTs to fans.

Now the fans are having the power which is a scary site, and a complete threat to companies. The people hold the power, which is something we’ve always wanted. Now with that said here are a few links you should Subscribe to and keep up with.



Here are a few links to different NFT sites that you MUIST HAVE! 


In the Big state of Texas, the investment/ROI on purchasing solar panels will alter city to city on utilities than in any other state in the country.The reason for this comes froms deregulation in the state of Texas’.

Giving the people in most of cities to choose which electric provider they want to use. This results to many different type of solar incentives that are available for Texas residents.

Utility rebates are in abundance in different cities such as Austin, Brenham, El Paso, and San Antonio.

Providers’ 1-for-1 net metering programs create an ideal environment for homeowners to install solar.

These incentives, included with the solar tax credit of 26%, make it possible to get a return cost of the solar system installation in 8 years or less.

Which means that over the course of eight years, you will save the same amount you actually paid for the sytem. 

In my Opinion thats defnitely insane, the pros to getting Solar are tremendous, the cons not so much i was always taught that if the pros out weight the cons, than its definitely worth it, so “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR”.   Go get Solar, like the commercial said its my money and i need it now.